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March 10, 2021

80/20? 70/30? Cardi Got A Doll? The Royals Did Whaaa?

80/20? 70/30? Cardi Got A Doll? The Royals Did Whaaa?

Episode 2-8:  80/20? 70/30? Cardi Got A Doll? The Royals Did Whaaa? 

March is shaping up to be crazy already! (SMH)

In this episode we discuss: 

  • Cardi B's new sold out doll. She announced it and it sold out shortly after she did.  Would we buy it for our girls? For ourselves? Instagram and Twitter both were on fire discussing the new doll made in her image. 
  • Harry, Megan and all the juicy news about the Royal family during the Oprah interview. Did you watch the interview? How did “Black Twitter” respond to it? What are all thoughts about the real talk they had with Oprah. 
  • International Women's day  was on the day of recording. how did our girls look at this day?
  • Ty's audition to get down in the valley where the girls get naked! 
  • Pepe Le Peu is deceased, canceled and removed from all cartoons. Why? What did he do? Let’s have some real talk about why this even occurred. 
  • SeMarion Humphrey - the 13 year old boy from Plano, Texas who was shot with BB guns and forced to drink pee during a sleep over. Please keep this young man and his family in your prayers. Why is this happening in 2021?  

and our main topic: What keeps you in a relationship? If your (potential) partner only has 70% or 80% of your needs met, do you stay, or do you walk? What are your non negotiables? Are you falling in love with potential? Let's have some real talk down to the naked truth about it! 

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It's us getting down to the naked truth. Its our real talk...delivered on Tuesday!

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