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May 4, 2021

The May 4th Episode: Ty's Blu Weekend, Police Brutality & Transgender Sports: Yay or Nay?

The May 4th Episode: Ty's Blu Weekend, Police Brutality & Transgender Sports: Yay or Nay?

On this episode we discuss the current event of the week and featuring the below topics:

  • Transgender Sports - Caitlyn Jenner recently was under fire for her statements about transgender sports. Should transgender's be allowed to compete in their new gender? Sasha Monet and Ty Wonder share their thoughts. 

  • Sasha Monet Studio Shenanigans. While Ty was out playing this weekend, Sasha Monet was playing super studio owner making incredible memories for Divas at Inner Diva Fitness. Of course that couldn't happen without a funny "oh sh*t" moment! 

  • Ty's Blu Weekend Shenigans. Ty Wonder went to ATL for Blu2k21. They were lit, lit!  She had never experienced Greek parties and didn't know anyone except the party host, so it was an experience.  Much love to the Sigmas, Zeta's and everyone at Blu2k21 who were so hospitable! Check out Ty's IG page to see more pics.  Check out Bo's episode of Tea Talk With Ty  here. (

  • Andrew Brown Jr. & Police Brutality.  Mr. Brown's funeral was a day ago. 7 police officers are on paid leave after shooting Andrew Brown Jr of Elizabeth City, NC 5 times, including the fatal shot to his head. Was he really trying to drive off? Where is the warrant? There also wasn't any drugs or weapons found on her person. What happened? We also discuss Ma'Khia Bryant, the 16 year old who was fatally shot by the police. When will police reform happen? To read more about Andrew Brown Jr, click here.  (

  • Shoutouts: Business/podcasts we discuss during this episode so you can find them. In our quest to elevate US..we do our part to  CELEBRATE us! 

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