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April 28, 2021

The Oscars..Therapy and Other Shenanigans (4/27/21)

The Oscars..Therapy and Other Shenanigans (4/27/21)

On this episode we discuss the current event of the week and featuring the below topics:

  • The Oscars. Daniel Kuluuya's win over Lakeith Stanfield for Best Supporting Actor for his work in Judas and The Black Messiah.   H.E.R. also won for Best Orginal song also from Judas called "Fight For You." Soul and their beautiful sweep for Best Animated Feature & Best Score. The historic win for the best make up and hairstylist for Ma Rainey's Black Bottom.  And the sad censorship that Chloe Zhao, the 2nd female director to win an Oscar in 93 years, is facing from her home country of China. 

  • Therapy. Why is it so taboo for African American's to consider going to therapy. Both Sasha and Ty discuss their personal relationship with therapy and why it's so important to them both. WE as African Americans need to love ourselves and do a better job with going to therapy and sending our kids too. Especially reeling from the Pandemic. 

  • Shoutouts: We wanted to shout out a few other podcasts that Ty listens to as well as two other businesses. It our quest to elevate US..we have to ensure we CELEBRATE us! 
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  • Sasha Monet opens her birthday gift from Ty and her live reaction. 

Mental Health Resources:
Guide to finding therapy in our community:


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