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June 8, 2021

We Outside!! (6/8/21 Episode)

We Outside!!   (6/8/21 Episode)

We are half way through the year and the first episode of June is with the sh*ts! Hopefully in one of our last shows as Real Talk Tuesdayz (to be changed to Lies & Garbage), we have a new show flow. In this episode we discuss life and:

  • 2 Week recap - The Inner Diva Fitness studio had it's first showcase since COVID (2019) this past Friday. We discuss all the love, stress and fatigue that went into it. We also discuss Ty's dedicated skincare regimen and Sasha's hysterical non-routine. 

  • TikTok Of the Week -   Our Tik-Tok of the week is by @Ivettelove20. Do you have a suggestion for a hilarious or insightful tiktok? Let us know! 

  • The Rising (new spiritual segment)   We discuss our new spiritual journey and what it has meant for us to complete a 21 day 5:30am meditation challenge. And yes..the struggle was really real sometimes! 

  • Twerk Song Of the Week (New segment) - Our new twerk song of the week is: The Nasty Song by Lil Ru. 

  • Black Culture & How It Relates To Us:  - It's been an interesting two weeks in black culture. Summer Walker was slammed for her mothering decisions, Simone Biles is literally the GOAT and Megan and Harry welcomed their new baby girl. We share our thoughts about the family of royalty, why people need to mind their own damn business and what #blackgirlmagic truly looks like. 

  • What's The Scenario: (New Segment) -  In this new segment we are taking real life scenarios from online, our incredible listeners (YOU!) and our personal life to take these teachable moments and what we've learned. This week's scenario is from a popular post we say that said "You meet your 18 year old self and allowed to say 3 words. What do you say?" We discuss what we would have said and why. 

  • Shoutouts: Business/podcasts we discuss during this episode so you can find them. In our quest to elevate US..we do our part to  CELEBRATE us! 
  1. Inner Diva Fitness:


We are a podcast that speak OUR truth as we know it. We don't discriminate, hate or are anti ANYBODY. No statements were made intentionally to harm, belittle or hurt any religion, belief, position, orientation, or race. This is our truth and we call it how we see it on this podcast because that's REAL TALK!

It's us getting down to the naked truth. Its our real talk...delivered on Tuesday!

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