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Jan. 5, 2022

Well It's A New Year..Is It Happy Yet? Hey 2022!

Well It's A New Year..Is It Happy Yet? Hey 2022!

We made it, happy new year!

In this episode we discuss the hilarious ways we spent our new years eve and days. Also in this episode we discuss: 

  • Megan Good & Devon Franklin Split- Who saw that coming? Was Harlem (her new tv show) the culprit? Did waiting to get married to have sex help their marriage?

  • Jada Pinkett-Smith discusses her struggle and realizations with alopecia. She's mentioned it before..did you catch it before now?

  • Halle Berry unmarried status. She posted a picture of her and Van Hunt at what appears to be chapel. Was it a prank or are they truly married now?

  • Mental Health & Co-Parenting - A man from Baltimore goes on live to discuss his previous and current actions as he struggles with custody battles and depression. We will not post or play the video for those who may be triggered. Why do people use the kids as pawns in relationships. 

  • Antonio Brown quits mid game. Are there enough mental and brain health resources for professional football players? Was this all for show? Our resident football fanatic Sasha Monet chimes in about this subject. 


We are a podcast that speak OUR truth as we know it. We don't discriminate, hate or are anti ANYBODY. No statements were made intentionally to harm, belittle or hurt any religion, belief, position, orientation, or race. This is our truth and we call it how we see it on this podcast because it's all about getting down to the naked truth and dispelling all the lies and garbage of life, love and all things as it relates to us.

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