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March 30, 2021

What Did Lil Devil & Action Packing Jaxn Do Now?!? SMH

What Did Lil Devil & Action Packing Jaxn Do Now?!? SMH

So more trickery to March!?!?  SMH  Let's Discuss: 

  • Lil Devil (Lil Nas X) new video Montero (Call Me By Your Name). Is it beautiful expression and art or did he take it too far? Did you clutch your imaginary pearls? We will NOT be sharing the link to the video nor do we suggest you watch it and we will discuss why. Also his new shoes...Lawd...are we praying for this young man  yet? But the meme's though! Let's discuss without digressing. *Sigh*. 

  • Should women pay child support when splitting custody? What's fair? We dig into Halle Berry's latest court win of getting her child support for her eldest child Nahla from 16k to 8k a month.  Read the full story here:

  • This "Action Packing Jaxn" mess is getting out of control! His current mistress was able to speak on it before she was served with a gag order! Yup..that's what we said. See that interview here: his wife connected to a cult? Her "pastor" removed an "oral sex demon" from a lady? Yup.that's what we said and we are diving into it!  Watch the breakdown we discuss here: 

Whew chile...this is some real talk you definitely need some wine or other drank for! (And we do mean drank!) So let's get down to the naked truth. Penetration protection is at your discretion! 


We are a podcast that speak OUR truth as we know it. We don't discriminate, hate or are anti ANYBODY. No statements were made intentionally to harm, belittle or hurt any religion, belief, position, orientation, or race. This is our truth and we call it how we see it on this podcast because that's REAL TALK!

It's us getting down to the naked truth. Its our real talk...delivered on Tuesday!

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