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March 16, 2021

Where The Hell He Get 90% From?

Where The Hell He Get 90% From?

We've got some extra special real talk today. We've got a special guest that we've heard all about...Sasha's husband Christopher joins us as we talk about:

  • Kirk Franklin..should he have just stomped his son's a** or nah?
  • J-Lo & A-Rod...still a couple or nah?
  • The melanin  magic of the Grammy's. Records were broken but where the hell did some of these categories come from?
  • Ty's-ish: Her anti love sentiment and correction. (oops)

and our main topic based on the Trevor Noah (with his fine azz...oops..we digress!) and his joke about women, men and their relationship values. 


We are a podcast that speak OUR truth as we know it. We don't discriminate, hate or are anti ANYBODY. No statements were made intentionally to harm, belittle or hurt any religion, belief, position, orientation, or race. This is our truth and we call it how we see it on this podcast because that's REAL TALK!

It's us getting down to the naked truth. Its our real talk...delivered on Tuesday!

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