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May 19, 2021

Who Broke The Girl Code? Should A Man Make Date Plans? (Week of 5/18/21)

Who Broke The Girl Code? Should A Man Make Date Plans? (Week of 5/18/21)

Over half way through the month and what a hilarious and introspective week it's been. This week we discuss: 

  • Sasha's NYC Trip- Sasha surprised her baby sister Kendall in NYC this weekend. They att good at the Llama Inn the JIN in Manhattan and experience  the BOFF (Business Owner Fluster Face) Huge shoutout to Pierre for help to make it happen!

  • Ty's Myrtle Beach Trip -   Ty (finally) debuted her fitness program: Muse The Experience live in Myrtle Beach at the GAINS Fit Retreat! She discusses her feelings of accomplishments, how depression played apart in finally getting her dream out there and the quality time with her daughter. 

  • Should A Man Make Plans? A picture was floating around social media that showed a guy meeting a girl for the first time and then later texting her dinner date plans. Her friends had issues with is. Was this cool for the guy to do or was it too much? Does a guy always have to pay for everything? Who makes the plans?

  • What Is the Girl Code?  So what IS the girl code? Portia Williams of the Real Housewives of Atlanta has been the talk of social media for breaking the code. With the details that we do know, do you think she broke the code? We dig deep into our thoughts and share personal stories of when the girl code was sketchy for us. 

  • Shoutouts: Business/podcasts we discuss during this episode so you can find them. In our quest to elevate US..we do our part to  CELEBRATE us! 
  1. Inner Diva Fitness:
  2. Muse Experience:
  3. GAINS Fitness Retreat: