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Feb. 22, 2022

Who Gets The Wet Towel?!?

Who Gets The Wet Towel?!?

If you caught the live video on Ty Wonder's & the Lies & Garbage show page, you caught the first 12 minutes of the show, that we will drop at a later date. Join in as we lead in from the live to discuss  so much shenanigans of Super Bowl weekend:

  • Ty's tea party
  • Sasha's Valentine card shenanigans 
  • The "Mary" dance caught on video at the pole studio over the weekend. 
  • Steak & Head Day is a thing?
  • Big KRIT coming into town & the surprise that almost got ruined. 
  • Anniversary of the Hawaii trip when Ty almost lost her life chasing Zuri. 
  • Young lady cornered at the store. Applying pressure or harassment?

And our main topic: Gender roles and labels - who gets the wet towel? We discuss Kiki Sheard and her rules with her husband. Jay-Z desired a relationship where they value teamwork and gender roles aren't the focus. Sasha & Ty discuss their thoughts about the gender roles and labels and their expectations and their personal experience with all of them.

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